Our Services


The list of services of ADDING VALUE would include a variety of competences, aiming to become the exclusive partner of Your Company able to assist you in all the phases of the Development Strategy: from the definition of your international plan to financing, from the search and selection of markets and reliable business partners to the definition of distribution agreements.

Identification of Target Markets
We analyze the company and the market and create a customized strategy for development in new markets, working closely with the company management

Set-up of Export Product Portfolio
We identify the company products that are most suitable for the target markets and support the management to get them ready for the target markets

Definition of Market Entry Strategy
We work with the company management to define a market entry strategy, with a pragmatic and tailor-made approach aimed at leading the company through a fast and effective market penetration.

Establishment of Global Distribution Network
We leverage on our solid global distribution network and partners to consolidate the company sales in the target markets. We have a consolidated international B2B and B2C distribution network, and a deep knowledge of the most important industry fairs and conventions, the most influential industry associations and the business environment of international markets.

Market Expansion Strategy
Thanks to our global presence, we can help you to identify new target markets with high development potential, and structure a customized strategy to penetrate them

Product Development for Target Markets
Our extensive experience in international markets and in the industries we operate in can support your company in the development of new products, product customizations or innovations for even better results in the target markets

Brand Positioning & Customer Experience
In the international development journey, we can act as real partners for your company management to build a solid brand identity in the new markets, and to boost sales by enhancing the customers experience according to local needs.

International Consolidation
We leverage on our extensive international network consolidated in these +15 years of strong presence in the European Markets, North America, Australasia, and on our knowhow of the related business dynamics, to support your company not only in increasing sales, but also in establishing local offices, branches or partnerships with local players.

Analysis & Optimization of Company Processes
In the international business development journey, we can help you to analyze and optimize your costs, your company value chain and your processes and become a lean and agile organization: faster and more competitive both in a local and in an international environment.

Digital Transformation & Innovation
Adding Value can support the transformation of your company into a modern and innovative organization through projects of digital transformation in internal processes, logistics and manufacturing and customer experience.

Workforce Training & Development
We can help your staff in getting the right competencies and to get the knowledge necessary to perform better and move your company forward in its growth;

Change Management
Through our extensive knowledge in HR management, Adding Value can support you in dealing with turbulent times, getting ready for the next crises or simply dealing with an inter-generational change of leading and ownership.