About Us

ADDING VALUE is not a traditional consultancy company: we don’t leave clients with papers but we aim to create a new practical value for your Company, gratification for your Team and for yourself. We take good care of the EXECUTION and IMPLEMENTATION of any practice we will introduce in your Company.

The founding partner, Alberto Vegni, Global Executive MBA, after many years of managing international projects all over the world, having worked as Public Servant for the Italian Trade Commission (Ministry of Economic Development), and trained in the most prestigious university (BOCCONI, Michigan ROSS and ESADE) has selected an outstanding team of peers and colleagues sharing the passion for working internationally and building unique projects for enterprises.

Add-Val means a TEAM of Professional Managers working only for the success of your Project, enabling your Company to achieve your GROWTH’S TARGETS, efficiently and optimizing your resources, respecting BUDGETS and specific time frames.
It means INNOVATION, CHANGE MANAGEMENT and adaptation of your Corporate Strategy to the local markets, local need and practices.

It means a new approach to your SALES STRATEGY (B2B or B2C), with clear goals not only to achieve a sales increase but to build a stable and long-lasting presence in the markets, thanks to reliable partners and well managed personal, individual relationships.

We work next to our clients to reach new markets, new clients, increase revenues, build up new opportunities and get to better performance.